Lafor Wood Products - Stairs and Treads

Nothing beats the look of elegant wood in your home.

Our distinctive stair treads add style and character to any home.

Carefully crafted using several wood species, these hardwood stairs treads rise above the competition in appearance, quality, and value. We manufacture a large variety of items related to the stair industry: staircases, stair treads, raisers, spiral stair treads.

Lafor Wood Products – Manufacturing Facilities

Our millwork operation fully equipped with modern molding machinery, laminating equipment, CNC machines, and wood finishing equipment gives the technical capacity to handle most standard and custom staircases construction. As a leading stairways and stair treads manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our products' quality and price. Quality control is the most crucial factor in our production process, along with uniqueness and usability in our stair treads design process.

Lafor Wood Products – Stairs and Treads Selection

We build stair parts for professional stair builders, stair installers, and contractors. The craftsmen at Lafor Wood Products enjoy the challenge of producing beautiful stair parts from domestic hardwood: beech wood, maple, cherry, oak, black locust, whitebeam, ash tree. Every wood species can be employed to produce a stair tread, stair handrail, baluster, or any other stair component. Our computer-controlled stair building machinery helps us to custom build the stair parts. The variety of styles and designs for stair parts is limitless. Lafor Wood Products can manufacture stair parts using the customers' templates or drawings.

You only have to look at our photo gallery to see the wide selection of standard and custom range of stairs and stair treads.

We supply stairways, stair treads, and stair parts for outdoor use or indoor use, although we would design and finish the materials according to the environment in which they will serve. For outdoor use, we recommend oak or black locust wood only. We use a particular profile to increase the bonding surface and special marine-grade glue.

You only have to take a look at our photo gallery to see the wide selection of standard and custom range of stairs and stair treads.

Lafor Wood Products – Stairs and Treads Wholesale

Are you a Retailer, a Wholesaler, a Contractor, a Developer, or do you manage a Retail Store? If so, let us take care of your hardwood stairs and stair parts supply needs. Building Supply Stores & Contractors looking for quality stair parts at a reasonable price/quality ratio? Contact Us For Volume Discount Rates!



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